Guide (Poem)

Truth seer in the sky,
Can you make me see through your eyes,
Not the fear and pain here on Earth,
But the hope you bring,
From high above us?

In my heart I know you’re there,
Watching and protecting us here,
But why can’t we feel that warmth,
Why must this word faith,
Keep us from ever truly reaching all the way up?

Was that your plan all along,
Keep us from reaching,
From finding a place here,
Where we truly belong?

Is our only true place,
By your own side,
Then how in the world,
Can we hope to survive?

I have not lived,
On this Earth for long,
But long enough to see how it revolves,
What have you given us to help us through?
This word called love, can it be true?

The only place we may find peace,
Is giving love and receiving it,
Our final place is by your side,
But the love we share on Earth,
Guides us to your light.


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