Being Remembered

Do you ever just think, what’s the point? Why am I writing this? Who if anyone is reading? Why do they read? In the long run will anything that I write or say make a difference or even matter beyond the typing and posting? I am not sure that we can even answer it. Were the greats that way because they wrote thinking I am Shakespeare or Poe and my words will live on forever and be studied and analyzed? Do you know that you will matter to history when you are living or are you just living and hoping in the end that is what will happen?

Those people who write or act as if they matter to history and the world, we often dismiss and say they have huge egos. We don’t want to be the kind of people who walk around with a “chip” on our shoulders saying that we will matter to history. I think there are people who we know will have a lasting effect either as a writer or a scientist or philosopher, but then there are those we haven’t even realized what talents they have. Picasso didn’t sell any of his work until after he was dead and look what kind of an impact he made on the artistic world.

I think that is why most of the time we can’t really gauge our success on sales or money. We have to be focused on our talents. You may not find a way to be successful for what you are doing now, but you might be remembered in history for what you contributed. The key really is our lives. How we live and where we choose to spend our time with our lives. Like I said in the opening, what are we living for?

Thinking in a spiritual mindset, are you living for this life or the next? As Christians, we are told that this life is not what we were meant for, so whether we are remembered by history or not does that even matter? I think that when we live our daily lives it is hard to be “after life” minded, unless we really do put ourselves in that mindset. All that we do is with the thought of what will happen once we die.

We never know when it will all end, either for us or for the world, so each day we should simply focus on living. We should follow our hearts, minds or where we believe we will end up, to do that living. Whether history remembers us or for what, in the end, will not matter. We won’t see it, after all if we are history then we can’t still be here right? We have to become a part of this world, where we want to be a part of it and do whatever it takes give of ourselves while we are here. Write, sing, create, or whatever to the best of your abilities and let history remember you as it will.


4 thoughts on “Being Remembered

  1. This is an interesting and timeless line of thought, and one that I think most writers/artists/creative types ponder from time to time. The bottom line, of course, is that most of us will never know what kind of legacy we will leave behind. We cannot let it get in the way with how or why we work, though. Also, just as a heads up: Pablo Picasso sold many, many, many works during his lifetime. Gertrude Stein and her brother, Leo, started collecting his work as early as 1905. By his death at the age of 91, he had been revered for 60+ years. Although it is not true of Picasso, the point does stand with countless other, long dead but now famous artists. 🙂

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