Dealing with Emotions as Seen on TV

I have previously written a post about Living in a TV World and again this week, it has been brought to my mind again. I guess it is not just in TV shows or in movies, but people in these situations seem to think so shortsightedly. I know that we all have moments when we are just consumed by thoughts and emotions, but people go around hurting others, destroying property or themselves, and other things without any thought to the aftermath.

I have always seen in TV shows when people destroy their offices or homes after being upset. I was recently watching the final episodes of the last season of “Longmire” and in the final episode Sheriff Longmire completely destroys his office. He of course has a good reason, for those who watch, his best friend was arrested for murder. I see that though and think about times when I need to let out anger and there are times that I want to do that but then what about after? What about the people who have to clean up after that or do you have the time to figure out where all of your stuff goes back to?

I guess when you think about it, it seems kind of silly to wonder or think about these things. Really it all comes down to emotions, being able to control or handle your emotions in a constructive, rather than destructive way. There will always be situations that we didn’t see coming, an unexpected death or accident, and really what happened isn’t so much as important as how we handle it. We all need to grieve and mourn in our own ways and it is different depending on if it is a loss or a situation that needs to be handled.

Thinking back to the “Longmire” example, what does destroying your office do to help your friend who was arrested? Nothing. Maybe it makes you feel better or something, but after you have come back to your senses then you have to clean up and still come up with a way to help or support your friend. I think sometimes we get so consumed by our emotional response that we forget to think rationally.

Having an outlet is always good, but making it a healthy, nondestructive one would be ideal. We are what we do repeatedly, so creating a habit of doing something healthy when we get stressed or angry would be the best solution. I know that for me writing is an outlet, but we don’t always have a way to write or we get so angry all at once that we couldn’t even calm down to write. Music for me is also soothing or just walking. I think that almost any time we could do either of those things and if you are upset those around us should understand we need time.

Really I guess it all comes down to how we handle our lives. Are we the brash, think after kind or are we the prepare ahead and be rational? Can it be the same for all situations? Has their ever been a time when you have just completely destroyed something like on TV and then later felt good or regretted it? I would love to hear stories, if you would like to share, leave a comment below. How do you handle life and stresses? Create a healthy outlet and try to do that once you get stressed or angry and if you have some ideas, please let us know.


2 thoughts on “Dealing with Emotions as Seen on TV

  1. Everyone gets stressed and angry but, yeah, destroying your living room isn’t going to help and the cleaning up after would be awful! 😀 I’m not great at expressing my anger and it tends to pile up until I break down and have a good ol’ cry, that usually sorts it out and I go back to normal again. Great post 🙂

    • I appreciate you reading and replying. I often tend to do the same that I get so upset that I end up crying, but even that is healthy, eventually when we release it. I guess trying to find a way to express it prior to it building up that much would be helpful though, but either way it does get released. Again thanks for the reply.

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