Waiting (Poem)

Sometimes we see thing but don’t believe,
Why hide in the lies when it’s truth we seek,
All the things before you yet unrealized,
Life is hard is a fact, that can’t be denied.

So much heartache, so much pain,
Just wipe it away and start again,
For love we seek and can still be found,
If we keep our hearts open to the world around.

We can’t start over or go in reverse,
But what has not yet happened isn’t revealed,
The future could get better or be the same,
Either way we must be ready to face each day.

Living in regret or with discarded dreams,
Leaves a person nothing but empty,
So we can’t give up on what our future holds,
We must believe it will get better.

Running ragged or wearing thin,
Come rest your head and start again,
No time for the weak, we must be strong,
Our life awaits or all will be lost.


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