Our Choice or Being Guided

I’m really not that smart and it seems weird to start a post like that right, but hear me out. Success and attention comes to us for different reasons. Are you successful because of luck, work, talent, outside help? There are so many different options as to why but I’m sure it could all be taken down to one formula.

Do you ever wonder why you do things? What is it about a song or a movie that draws you in? Is it the story or the melody? I’ve learned just how much math applies to our lives and everything we do. I wish I was smart enough to truly apply this knowledge. How do bands create songs that are hits based on mathematical formulas? That is way beyond my brain capacity but it amazes me.

Why do we stop and read a post? Do we hit like or maybe we comment? What drives is to do it? Are we motivate by a need to be heard or have people notice us? We like as a way of saying I was here right? But what if we are drawn to certain post more than others simply by the formula that the author used?

Could I even identify what those are? Probably, no definitely not, but it makes me wonder. I think about how much of what I do is emotion driven or guided by the one who created it. Are we really making it given choices or are we bound by what we have been programmed to like? Life comes down to choices but what if we aren’t the ones that are doing the choosing? What if we are lead one way or another? And if we don’t want to live that way how can we change that? Is it possible?


2 thoughts on “Our Choice or Being Guided

  1. That was a very thought-provoking post πŸ˜€ The choices we make in any paths in our lives can make big changes for us, and though I understand if I don’t make those steps I won’t get anywhere, I still think a lot of things are down to luck and pure chance. Great post πŸ™‚

    • I’m glad it made you think. I wish I could offer answers rather than just questions but for some reason this was just on my mind last night. I’m not sure how I feel about luck but I think we get calculated chances and sometimes we only get one while others we might be able to get more. Anyway, might be thoughts for another post. Thanks for your comment. I liked hearing your thoughts.

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