Hidden by Light (Poem)

So much of this world I have yet to see,
The constant spinning and repeating,
A loop filled vortex that we often get lost in,
Struggling to change what has already happened.

Why do we focus so much on the past,
Do we lose part of ourselves with each action,
These things that we carry with us,
That make us who we are in this moment,
Is it true that it changes and updates,
With each life lesson or event we encounter?

Destined for great things or a life of boredom,
Is it in our power to change our fate,
Or are we left to scrabble around making use of what we have?

Doomed to repeat a past we forgot,
If not our mistakes why must we remember,
History is written by the ignorance of those in power,
No hold found in the truth that the masses ignore.

Take me down deeply into the recesses of my mind,
Where all the darkness lingers and grows,
Taking over any light or hope that survived,
So I’ll be blind to the reality of what is yet to happen.

So much can be revealed by just sitting and waiting,
You don’t need to be active for chaos to happen,
Evil deeds and wrong doings will find a way through,
Exposing human nature to ignore all those who suffer,
Because in the end it’s our lives that matter.


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