I’ve Got Something to Say About This…It’s Another Week

So much is happening in the world and in the news. This is another week to comment on what is going on around the nation, but this week it reaches a little bit wider. We all talk about the death of our youth, but this takes is quite a bit further. Sadly this world is filled with so much pressure and stress and with social media it is only making it easier. This week, I will focus on just how this is all coming together in a horrible, deadly way.

Story: Neknomination Deadly Drinking Game Takes Off on Internet

I guess to start we can by defining what Neknominate means: (according to Wikipedia, just for the simplest definition) “Neknominate, also known as neck and nominate, neknomination or neck nomination, is an online drinking game. The original parameters of the game required the participant to film themselves drinking a pint of an alcoholic beverage, usually beer, in one gulp and upload the footage to the web”.

I have written before about the dangers of social media, although really this is just social media in the wrong hands. I can’t say that teens/young adults should not have access these kind of things, especially when they were created with them in mind, but it again begs the question about monitoring. How much freedom should a young adult have online? These kind of incidents brings the question of where is everyone when this happens?

We all want to point the finger and place blame, but parents and responsible friends should be watching out. This brings so many questions, as to what is the point? How do we combat it? The internet creates instant access. Students not only have in person peer pressure to deal with, now they have it online. As it states in the “rules”, the person who is nominated must film themselves, post and then nominate two or it has turned into three others to continue this on.

It is a very disheartening thing to read. People also that comment below is quite sad. People just speak about how stupid it is, and yes it is true it is extremely dangerous and stupid but welcome to a new world. Like I said above young people are pressured online now on top of the normal every day pressure they feel attending school or hanging out. They all want to appear cool and end up doing something really deadly without really thinking of what can happen. Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge others and remember for a moment what it is like to be young and “stupid”. Maybe we shouldn’t dismiss this and criticize it but we should encourage and educate.

It is encouraging that it has not come to the US yet, but just as the article states we have no doubt it is coming here. Before this gets here, we should make this public and encourage our teens/young adults to not engage in such behavior. We should make them aware of what other teens have already suffered and steer them away from it. Sadly, as we all know, often teens won’t listen and will behave in destructive ways but at least we can offer some guidance. We can try to keep our youths safe from going down this deadly path. The young people are our future, so we should try and educate them now and save them to live the lives they were meant to lead and not die over stupid, immature things like this.


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