Begging (Poem)

Can you help please,
Anything at all,
I’m just down on my luck,
Need a hand to get up.

I’m not greedy,
Not asking for much,
Just want something warm,
To fill my stomach.

You have so much,
Give of it all,
I have nothing,
We aren’t so different you know.

I was once like you,
Headstrong and forward thinking,
Before my world stopped,
I didn’t expect to lose her,
It shattered my world,
She was taken so suddenly,
And I had no one to pick me up.

So please don’t judge,
Think I’m a slob,
I maybe wasting away,
But it’s not because of choice,
I’m trying my best,
To move on from her passing,
I’m just asking for a little help,
To get me where I’m going.

I won’t always be begging in the street,
I’ll get back on my feet,
You better believe,
Are you going to be someone that helps me,
Or are you just going to keep ignoring me?


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