A Day of Love

20140213-202956.jpgPhoto Credit: B.C

It’s a day that people seem to either completely love or hate. Single people tend to hate it because they have no one to share it with and are annoyed by those that do or they simply don’t care. There are those in couples that love it or hate it too. It can be a reminder of all that is wrong in your relationship or it can be used to see who can give the best gift. Today is valentines day and it should be a day of love.

It might sound cheesy or corny but regardless of if we have romantic love, we all have love. Most people hate this day that they claimed card and chocolate companies created just to get money, and even if that is true it’s ok. It’s a day to give love and share how you feel about another with them.

Often times romantic love is the center of this day but I still give chocolates to my mom. This world has so much drama and bad that we sometimes just need a day or a moment to get away from it all and say I love these people around me. Should we do that on a day like today? I think that is up to us. We should always tell those we love how we feel about them and not just wait for one day a year to do that.

I grew up always saying I love you to my family, my mom. We would say it when we hung up the phone or leaving after a visit, because honestly you never know. I still do that with those I love. If its my last day or moment or time I talk with someone or if it’s theirs, then I want the last thing to be I love you. So even if it’s not for valentines day be sure to let those you love know that you love them because love is what matters.


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