Shooting for Stars

Do you ever feel like when you write and post that you are just writing for no one? We all read about success and how to increase traffic to your blog, blah, blah, blah, but really it all circles back to why are you writing? Are you writing just to get a hundred followers or are you just doing it because you want to? When does it become a “job” to write rather than a pleasure?

Everything comes down to you and what your idea of success and purpose is. We can see someone posting and gaining followers from things we think are lesser post and become jealous of that or we can stop and think. Why did you start the blog? What are you saying? Who, if anyone, are you saying it to? Are you writing just for your “15 mins of fame” or for a personal betterment and to challenge yourself?

As a writer, we want to know that our words are being read but at what cost? Do we speak for the sake of speaking or regardless of who reads we continue to speak from our minds and hearts? I think if you are driven then you don’t let anything discourage you, eventually the good (readers/followers) will come. You just have to stay true to you and keep writing. What you write matters to you so write the best possible and then if it’s a success great and if not just keep writing.

Let your words and ability to share your words be your success. There are those who don’t get that opportunity and that we have it is amazing. Often times we are the ones that keep ourselves from success and we just have to get out of our own ways and keep going. Reality is harsh at times, but we have our dreams to fall back on and keep aiming towards.


4 thoughts on “Shooting for Stars

  1. I blog because I am trying to keep a record of my journey through my writing journey, if it ever became a chore or too stressful I think I’d take a break. I enjoy your posts and think you have a great blog 🙂

  2. i agree with your way of thinking. I write because it makes me feel better and it gives me an opportunity to communicate, of which I rarely ever have. If someone likes it or relates to it, then this makes me feel wonderful – special even – but if they do not, then I believe it is ‘to each his.her own’ – that is okay. 🙂

    • thank you for reading and the comment. I am glad that you are able to use your blog in that way, I think that many people tend to use it that way and that is awesome, for lack of a better word. I think you summed it up perfectly too and I feel the same way that you said about my writing when people read, like or comment 🙂

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