It’s My Day!

So I have been thinking about what to post and wanted to write something fun or maybe another poem to post. I honestly can’t really make up my mind, but I just wanted to post something. Today is my birthday and I turn 27 year old today. I think that whether we want to or admit it or not, we all have to think about getting older. I wouldn’t say that I am one that fears it or worry about what will happen, but on days like today it makes me think of the future.

Just like with my resolutions post, that is just future thinking. We set goals and create lists of things that we need or want to do because we are “future” thinkers. Each year we age, we all have a birthday sometimes, and so we are forced to stop and assess. Where am I? Where am I going? Where do I want to be? Am I there yet? If not, why not? I can’t say that at this age, I am where I thought that I would be. We all have the road bumps and hindrances along our way, but those are not the things that matter, what matters is how you handle those things.

I am not a big birthday person, but today has actually been a good day. My best friend keeps sending me ecards, which are all awesome and funny. I miss her, she lives in NY now. I wish that I could live there, absolutely feel in love with it when I went to visit her, but I miss her. I have gotten various well wishes and I will get to spend time with my boyfriend later and of course he sent me an adorable penguin (they are my favorite) card which was the highlight of my day so far. I guess I am for the most part a loner so at times birthdays and celebratory days are kind of lonesome.

I think it all boils down to being a friend and letting others be your friend. It is hard letting someone in because they could always leave or hurt you and yeah it might be weird writing about this on my birthday but these are just the thoughts in my head I guess. We all want the movie and TV friendships that matter, last and mean something but truth is those are hard to find. I think they can be found but you have to be open and willing to let others in and realize they could hurt you. Life isn’t about easy or knowing but it’s about living. We live and love and get hurt but if we didn’t then what would be the point? So love or hurt it is my birthday and I’ll take it all. I’m glad to have been here another year and look forward to what is come.


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