I’d Follow You (Poem)

(This poem actually was created due to a show that I watch. **Bonus points for anyone who can comment and guess the name of the series. It’s a current show that is on TV now, just a hint. So this poem is inspired by a character on that show.)

There is something deep within,
That draws me closer to you,
That something that can’t be explained,
Just a feeling that draws me near.

The lifelessness of loving a man,
So hollow, cold and cruel,
Has left me with a senseless longing,
That nothing on this Earth could ever fill.

I’d follow you forever,
Until the world stopped turning,
Let me give you more than everything,
You are my one true reason for being.

I didn’t think life had meaning,
Until the day your presence arrived,
No one could understand or explain,
What you stir up inside me.

Let me take this chance to prove,
That all I am saying it true,
Let me hold this in my hand,
Feel the rush of power flow through.

You do not judge me,
I do not feel condemned,
I belong here by your side,
So lead me where you will.

No matter what I must do,
To follow and obey all you say,
I will do it without a second thought,
For I feel my life began,
The very moment I met you.


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