Light and Darkness (Poem)

The rain outside my window,
Pounds like the beating of a drum,
My surroundings are cast in shadows,
Mingling my loneliness with fear.

The light from the burning candle,
Flickers with the breeze from the storm,
My eyes watch as the wax drips down,
Burning away my only light source.

I sit where the light can reach me,
Fearful of the darkness taking over,
What happens when all light fades,
Is that when we are truly alone?

My mind creates the monsters,
That are waiting in the darkness,
Are these the things yet to be,
Or what I am moving from?

The voice inside me screams,
This isn’t the life you were meant to lead,
Drop the fear and doubt you have,
Become who you were born to be.

The rain outside continues to rage,
The lightning and thunder clash,
Is there a warrior yet inside me,
That has come to bring peace somehow?

Far too long the shadows linger,
Around this road I walk along,
Why not reach away from the darkness,
Take the hope that the light holds.

Can we find a way around the pain,
Avoid what we do not know,
Just create inside ourselves,
Hope in our future goals?

This night and storm will end,
Just as the light will fade,
Though what we leave behind us,
Can create the light for others.


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