Check In: Resolutions

So it has been a little over a month into the new year and I was thinking the other day about my resolutions. Here is a link to my list: Happy New Year Resolutions. I remember how it was at the start of the year and how excited I was for all the possibilities and I wouldn’t say that that has gone away, but I think it’s time to take a look back at what I wanted to achieve in 2014.

Like all goals that we make, we must create check points. This would be a good place to kind of assess how it is all going. I would say that I have been busy doing all things that are not my resolutions. I guess if I am going to write about it, I have to be honest right? I have been very neglectful of my resolutions. I have been doing things here and there, but I also think that I have found other opportunities in my pursuit that I didn’t have at the start of the year.

I have been more focused on my photography for one. I did not include that into my resolutions but that has become a huge thing for me. I have always enjoyed photography but I never really thought much of my ability. I have been feeling more confident from posting around here and other places that maybe I can do something with my photos.

I have recently started writing again. I need to work really hard to get back to writing on my novel though. I have already conceded that I will not have my novel mid point met, but I am still planning that my novel will be complete this year. I am working on my ebook. I luckily already have some stuff for that it is just about compiling it and hopefully selling/marketing it. I look forward to doing that, but that is a side project. I have been able to join an online writing site so that has already helped me in writing and sharing my work. I look forward to writing and learning more from posting there.

I need to work on the exercise thing. I think we all hope or plan on doing that, but it is just like writing it takes discipline. It has been weird and honestly working or working out, outside is hard where I am. Lately it has been cold and raining and unless I want to get sick then I wouldn’t want to workout outside. Again the whole thing is just about disciple.

So anyone else out there hoping or working on resolutions? How are you doing? Are you still working or have you given up? Reaffirm your goals today and let’s get what we want done this year. Lets make 2014 the best year possible. We must work towards our goals and never give up, that is the only way that we can achieve anything.


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