I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Sort Of

Some days I go and read news just to see what people have to say after them. I have been doing a segment weekly called “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…” where I speak about popular topics and give my two cents. I feel discouraged most of the time after going and reading things that people write on most of these news stories that I write about. I was looking online this weekend for news articles and events that I could use for this week and ended up being too focused on the comments that I read. I think this week I am going to do a little something different for my segment.

It is on almost any article that you see where a person can express their opinion, the negativity and hate. People just feel the need to tear down and criticize and speak out of turn. Any reporter must be ready to get all kinds of feedback when they post an article and I guess a blog post would be the same thing. I write each week and offer my own views and opinions about what someone else has said or done. I often don’t write negatively, at least I try not to, yet sometimes people do need a wake up call. I think that this world is filled with so much hate and ignorance that we often miss the point of it all. We get so focused on people not doing this or that, when these words just spread out more hate.

We as a society should be focused on education. We need to educated ourselves and speak out of our knowledge not just our opinions. There are things that we can give our opinions about, but we still to base that in something. There is so much ignorance in the world and people that refuse to see past that. It is like people choose to mindlessly do as they are told or just speak out of what they have been told, that they don’t care to have an original thought. Sometimes we need to speak above the crowd and speak the truth that we know to be fact rather than just saying what is easy.

Often times when we speak or judge others and their actions, we don’t take into account the factors. There are people that are up in arms about this event or that one, when they don’t stop to see the angles. People make horrible choices and decisions, but we have to see and understand why they do it rather than just saying they are wrong. People may be wrong but we have to see, what they were thinking when they were in this mindset when an event happened. They might have thought this was best option they had and who are we to judge them or speak about their decisions? Sometimes we just have and need to close our mouths and say this was what happened and this was the outcome and so now I will help you live with what you did or did not do.

I often think in this social media overrun world that we forget that people are just people. We think that just because we broadcast all that we do, that we should be held or we should be able to hold others to some higher standard. Honestly we should hold ourselves to a standard and realize that we all have our own. We can’t say that what this person chooses to do is right for them or not, it is their life and their choice. We all have opinions, but just because we have them doesn’t mean we should be eager to tear down others with them. Sometimes we just need to let people and things be and just go on with our own lives and be thankful we can. But again that is just my two cents.


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