Be Creative

I have been looking and editing my photographs more lately. I set up a Fine Art America site even to promote and try and sell couple of my prints. You can find the link here for my Fine Art America site. I also started a Flickr just to promote my images more. I guess like anything else, you just sort of have to get yourself out there and see what kind of interest you can draw. I feel like I have many different talents and abilities and I am just now trying to see what it all can get me.

I think the fun part of all of this, writing, photos, editing, promoting, blogging, is that it is new. It is something that I have felt like I have wanted to pursue before, but I just never had the drive or the determination to do it. I feel like people have so much that they could be offering the world, but for some reason they hold back, out of fear of rejection or failure. I guess I am just glad to be trying and seeing what all I can do with all the things that I enjoy doing.

Life has so many possibilities. Below are two images that I didn’t post on either site. I enjoy taking landscape, nature, wildlife kind of shots. Both of these were actually taken on my trip to NY in Central Park. I got a lot of my best images while I was there. I think that these images sum up what it is about though, the idea of an opening, and you will have to stay with me here.

Starting a blog, posting a picture, posting a video on YouTube or a song on Sound Cloud, they are all chances. We put ourselves out there and hope that we will find success somehow. We want to share or talent and the things that we enjoy with others in the hope that we will be lead somewhere else. All of these avenues are openings, if you will. We never know where we might end up, but if we just keep walking down our path then we might find beautiful, wonderful things, such as the images below. I think sometimes we just have to remember to believe in ourselves and keep trying and pursuing what we love in the hope that some day it might turn into something more than just a passion or hobby. So pursue your dreams, be creative and see where it leads you.

Photo Credit: B.C

Photo Credit: B.C

Photo Credit: B. C

Photo Credit: B. C


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