How It Will Change (Poem)

There is this feeling
In the depths of my soul
Which shows me things
I may one day hold
Not just an idea or belief
But something real
Where I can find relief.

Far too long I’ve spent hoping
For some way out of it all
Not just a way through
But a destination to reach to
Where my hopes and dreams
Can finally come true.

So much time I’ve spent wasted
Trying to gain love in useless places
Not from one who knew me truly
But by simply being who they wanted
But doing that doesn’t gain love
Selfish actions never breeds good.

Nothing good can come from hurting
The only thing that makes it better
Is by giving your understanding
And accepting people for who they are
Not condemning them for being honest.

This world is filled with so much hate
What could true love really change?
But changing the world may not be so hard
If we look inside and see who we are

To open our heart and love another
Will change us for the better
And through that love we can find
That this world can be changed
By expressing all that we have inside.


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