Hopes and Reality (Poem)

There is a place,
Where my hopes and reality meet,
I am not quite sure yet,
How to tell the space between.

I hope for a life,
Filled with happiness,
But too often reality,
Drives that away.

I don’t want to be stuck,
Hindered by my past,
Where all of the lies,
Kept holding me back.

I thought I was worthless,
Let others tell me what was ok,
I wanted their approval,
If I didn’t have that I had nothing.

I am not cocky,
I am not headstrong,
I just want to be me,
Find people to love.

I know that my heart,
Though broken it might be,
Has so much to offer,
Has so much to give.

Where are the people,
Who just need a hand,
Those people who scream out,
Feeling lost and ignored.

I am one and the same,
Why won’t you even accept me,
Am I really all alone,
With just my hopes and reality.


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