Chasing Reality (Poem)

Where are the words that used to flow free,
That I would simply think in my head or feel,
Then my writing would create them into being?

Disappeared are the days that have passed,
Which revealed a life that was scattered,
That had no path to follow or direction to go.

I can’t be the one I was before this time,
The girl who cared not for responsibilities,
The one that followed a heart full of dreams.

Does the child and the adult ever meet,
In the future we create for ourselves,
Or do we lose the dreams of our childish selves?

The world will not stop for you or me,
Life keeps on moving forward in one direction,
So we must keep up or fall lost into the abyss.

Who you once wanted or hoped one day to be,
Might someday find a place in reality,
So somehow we must keep hope alive.

We must stop the dying of a soul,
Of the one who will never grow old,
The child we have inside of us all.

If we can hold on to our hopes and dreams,
Keep chasing them beyond all rhyme or reason,
Maybe someday we might find that shooting star.

We might be able to finally see past our fears,
They will simply fade away from being a hold,
And we can live in the reality that we achieved our dreams.


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