Life, Knowledge (Poem)

Oh tree of life,
Oh tree of knowledge,
Let your leaves fall,
On all those below you.

I have been searching,
Just hoping to find,
The truth that I seek,
A place beyond the lies.

I need to find hope,
Strength to carry on,
I know to be sure,
Of all that’s in my heart.

Nothing of worth,
Comes without a price,
But when do you know,
If that price is too high?

Is it my soul or my heart,
That I have to pay with,
Should cost be the same,
As the value of my life?

I know that the only,
Thing that truly matters,
Is appreciating life,
And all the beauty found in it.

To quickly is life,
Taken from us,
I will give of my love,
And receive it back just as much.


4 thoughts on “Life, Knowledge (Poem)

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