Getting Where We Want (Check In)

I have been uninspired lately, for lack of a better term. I have been busy with so many things and there is just so little time to do what you need and what you want. We all have lives and we all have responsibilities and sometimes no matter how hard we try, it just feels like we can’t do enough. I guess it was just like I read in another post yesterday, it sort of feels like it’s work now. I know that I want writing to be my life, but that is because I truly enjoy doing it, but when you are writing and trying to get a break, it is a bit different than already having accepted work.

I have found moderate success in different areas when it comes to writing, but there is nothing that just jumps out. There are times that I feel like I just expect too much and I have to remember that life isn’t about getting what you want right now, you have to work for things. I have to put in the work for the things that I want, just like I want to be a writer, so obviously I have to write. There are times though when we know that we have deadlines we need or want to make and we push ourselves. We should be doing this and so sometimes we push out things that are less than our best.

I have found that I feel that way lately. I haven’t been able to keep up in my head/mind and with my hands. I want to be this and to do and achieve that, but I find that all the things that I want aren’t exactly matching up in reality. Just like a little over a month ago, many of us made resolutions. I know that I made some and in all honesty they have not gone quite so well. The key to those are making goals/resolutions that you can stick to and achieve. You can’t make out of this world goals, because that just means you are stacking the decks against you from the start, you are starting with a loss. You have to at least give yourself a chance to achieve your dreams, but you also have to stop and see where you are and see that if you can’t make where you wanted to go, see where you can go and get there.

It is all about stepping stones. It’s about slowly but surely winning the race, isn’t that what the turtle taught us. We don’t have to be the quickest but we just have to put in good, steady work and we will get where we want to go. Sometimes we just need to take a minute, assess where we are and then point ourselves in the direction we want to go. We can’t get where we aren’t going, so take a small step or a large one, it matters not, just remember to keep walking.


2 thoughts on “Getting Where We Want (Check In)

  1. it is so easy to want instant satisfaction these days – our society is geared towards it – but you have the right idea with the fact that work comes first…… sometimes i do not think the actual work itself is so difficult – it is getting inspired part – that is WORK and honestly, it should be the easy part:)

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