I’ve Got Something to Say About This….Ignorance Edition!

I admit that I have been out of sorts lately and did miss this segment last week, sorry about that. But this week, I am here and back at it. There has been lots of things in the news lately to speak about and honestly I didn’t think that this would be what I would talk about, but after hearing all the different stories and mentions of it, I can’t help but share my two cents on the matter. I am an avid football fan, so of course, last night I sat down with most Americans and watched the biggest game of the year the Superbowl. Despite the lack luster game, there were enjoyable moments, the halftime show was great and some pretty good commercials too. That is what brings me to the topic of this weeks post, one of those commercials.

Coke Ad:

Following this ad, there was a storm on the social media sites proclaiming coke to be “anti-American” or so other ignorant claim. I personally thought this ad was classy and exactly what it says, “beautiful”. Despite many seeming to forget it, we here in America are immigrants. Majority of us came from Europe and we came here in search of finding a better life and future. This commercial is a song that represents why America is beautiful, so why does it have to be song only in English? (Side note, I did love to hear on the radio this morning, that the trending twitter handle is #SpeakAmerican. If they can speak American, I would love to hear it, because I know that I speak English, not sure about the rest of the states though).

Although at times we can make light of things, this personally is very upsetting to me. This country was founded on the idea that we would all be a part of this great “melting pot”. Repeatedly as I was taught in school, in history they use this term, but now that we have a commercial that highlights just that fact, people are outraged? What are they upset about? They are upset simply because of the fact that they are using other languages and they don’t understand? Everyone that comes to America must speak English, is that an unwritten rule? Are we glorifying the fact that majority of the world speaks multiple languages, except many Americans? Just because someone comes and learns a new language say English, not American, does that mean they forget or should choose to forget their first language? How ridiculous would that be?

I think people should stop and figure out why they are so outraged and what are they even upset about in the first place? Is it simply because they are too ignorant to see the beauty in something? An act of one person does not represent the acts of a nation. I am a proud American, this is my home and I love here among all races of people. I would not want it any other way, but there are things that I am not proud of that happens. The government makes choices that I don’t agree with nor support, and should I be judged by what my country does? I am a part of this nation, America, but I am still my own identity. I certainly would not want to be lumped in with those who condemn Coke for this commercial because I think that is racist and ignorant.

This is a time when we should all look back at history and fact and see what it is that is truth. We are all here by the fight and struggle of others. America was made possible because we felt that we deserved certain freedoms and rights, so now we are saying that those who do not speak English don’t deserve the same rights? Just because they sing a song about America in another language does that mean that they don’t know English? Possibly most of those actors speak better English than most “native” Americans, so what are we really upset about? I think we should embrace the differences we see in the world, because we are all human. All races live in America and Coke was just celebrating that fact, and we should all do the same.

Got something you want to say? Do you think my opinion is wrong? Share your thoughts with me below or by email. As always, if you have something to say send me an email you may be featured one week in my segment. Everyone has an opinion and now the internet creates the space for us to share it, don’t miss your chance to share what is in your head.


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