What Is Love

Love it’s this crazy thing,
This idea that I have,
That it’s more than a word,
It’s more like an action.

The art of showing,
Your affection for another,
Without causing them pain,
making the world a little better.

That by expressing the emotion,
You make another’s day brighter,
You make another’s life better.

It’s an idea of a word,
That means nothing,
Until you get up,
And do something about it.

You can’t love without lose,
It’s not meant to be perfect,
But it’s meant to be strong,
It’s meant to be true.

To be fought for,
And preserved through all else,
It’s the thing that gets us through,
When we think we can’t go on.

The point of life,
A reason to sacrifice,
And the only legacy,
Worth leaving behind.


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