Reaffirming Committment

I feel like I’m constantly talking about how I have no time. I can’t seem to figure out where the time goes. I go to work, come home, watch what shows and movies I can, hang with those I can, write what I can, and so it goes. We all say that we wish there were more hours in the day but even if we had that we would still use it to do things we need rather than the things we enjoy or want to do.

Living in the USA, I understand that we live in a capitalistic world. I work for what I have and I must if I want to keep it. Sadly that leaves little time for enjoying life and things that we enjoy. Lately I have been lucky and I’ve been able to do what I love. I’ve been writing for both if my examiner pages and I really enjoy doing that. Part of me feels like that could lead me to where I would eventually like to go.

On the flip side, I haven’t been doing so well with my own writing for this blog and for my novel. I haven’t written any more pages for this month. My goal is still to have my novel completed by years end and I think that I can definitely do that but it just takes commitment. I have missed being around and getting to read and enjoy other blogs too. I miss being in a place and community that enjoys words rather just work.

I have been working on other art forms as well. I have a me single that my producer just finished up this week. Still have a lot of work and things to learn about the music industry. I enjoy singing but never really put much thought into any of the other stuff, like creation and writing. I have been thinking of learning the guitar though. I have always wanted to play something but I just have to start somewhere.

I hope and plan to work harder on my writing. I hope to be around the blogging world more. I miss those who I’ve met here and want to connect again. I guess this is a reaffirmation of sorts and another hopeful looking towards the future. We all need to stop and be reminded of where we are going and where we want to end up.


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