Willing Risk

What are you willing to risk? No matter what you are or might be risking it for, how much us enough or are you will to sacrifice to get what or where you want to be? Every person could answer this question differently and honestly answer it differently depending on the situation. I think that a person has to first know themselves before they can know what they are willing to lose to gain what they want.

It’s all about that question, because unless we can answer that, then we will never know our limitations. Dreams are only achieved through our own ambitions and our ability to push ourselves further than we think we should go. There are those who look down on dreamers are say they are fools or foolish, but isn’t it what life is all about? If we aren’t willing to truly live then shouldn’t we just simply welcome death?

There are those who find comfort and pleasure in simple things and there is nothing wrong with that. There are those who are artist and musicians and they can’t just sit by and watch life slip. Is one way better than another? I wouldn’t say that it is, but I don’t think simply because you don’t understand a persons choice in life that you should discount it. Life is too short and if a person wants to follow their heart and dreams then who are we to stop them?

What would you risk? Honestly we are the only ones that can answer this question for ourself. I think it’s most important to answer it for ourselves and not care what others think of our decision. We have to follow our hearts and dreams and go where we are lead.


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