It’s Cold!!

20140124-141130.jpgPhoto Credit: B.C

Winter weather hit our area overnight and even into the day we still have ice. For our area that is very unusual to have cold weather and even more so that it sticks around for most of the next day. I must say I’m enjoying the weather because it means a day off from work and time to just relax.

I feel I’ve been neglectful of my blog lately. I’ve been writing more for my examiner pages and I’ve been really busy at work. I’ve also had the chance to reconnect with some old friends so I’ve just haven’t had time to keep up with things as I would like. I guess you could say I’ve been out living my life which is always a good thing though. Where else are we to get new ideas from? We must live our life in order to create the best stories.

I’m glad to be living and though I know I must write also, I’m happy for where I am. One couldn’t ask for much more than to be happy where they are and with what they are doing.


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