“I’ve Got Something to Say About This…” NFL edition

After the holiday, I missed the start of the week and getting my blog post up, but now I am back in full swing. This is the time of year when NFL is king, so to speak and this weekend was no different. All eyes where in Denver and Seattle and what a show both had, although Seattle had both a bit more excitement and “rants” to talk about. So that brings us to this weeks “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…” NFL edition.

CNN: Getting to Know Richard Sherman

The AFC Championship was between New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos. I remember 2005 when Denver embarrassed the Patriots in a just pitiful game and ever since then I have had a sore spot where the Broncos are concerned. Although Broncos were a favorite for the game, I don’t think anyone could have foreseen just how they would have ran away with the game. In the end, the final score doesn’t do accurate justice to how the game was controlled by Denver and ultimately they were the victor. So the AFC side of the game for the Super Bowl was decided and then it came to the NFC.

NFC Championship in Seattle, against the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers. This is not only a championship game but a division rivalry that has gone on throughout the season. From the moment the game started, tensions were high and the 49ers came out “swinging” so to speak. From the onset of the game, I said this game will come to blows. I thought with so much on the line, that tensions would be too much and benches might be cleared, but sadly despite the excitement nothing like that happened.

Seahawks QB Wilson opened with a fumble which 9ers only were able to moderately capitalize on. Game went back and forth for most of the game 9ers had it well in hand. After the start of the 2nd half, Seahawks achieved a momentum shift and despite the attempt to change it back, 9ers never had a chance. Ending the game with a turnover in the end zone by Seahawks corner Richard Sherman against 9ers Crabtree, that sealed the 9ers losing fate. Although we thought the excitement and tension would end with the last scoring drive, but that was until America saw Sherman open his mouth!

Sherman proceeded to very aggressively tear down a good wide receiver (Crabtree) just out of shire ignorance. Stating he was the “best” corner in the league and Crabtree was a “poor” receiver. As the article opens, he of course has to come to his sense and back track by saying that he was “rude”, but honestly I think it was his ignorance shining through. Even the reporter he was screaming at, didn’t understand what the heck he was talking about. This sort of comment just goes along with my other post about being a “loud mouth”. There are times when we need to just shut our mouths.

Although the article appears to defend the corner for the Seahawks, personally, for me I was done. I personally had a horrible NFL weekend, with both my teams losing, I hope that the Broncos can shut his mouth come Super Bowl time. As a public figure, regardless of if it is right or he cares or not, kids and people look up to him. What kind of an example is he setting? I can be a complete idiot and run my mouth off, be a poor sport just because I can ha ha. He should show a little restraint and I think the entire Seahawk team cringed either when they heard or saw the replay of their teammate spout off. I know that I would be ashamed to call him a teammate after that, and I would say why don’t you grow up and mature a little. He is only 26, from what the article states, so he does a lot of maturing left to do, and hopefully he can honestly look at how he sounded and appeared during that after interview and say wow I am glad that I am not that person anymore.

Got something to say? Want to write an article yourself? Post a comment or email me and you may be featured in my weekly column. Keep an eye out and let me know what you have to say about it.


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