True Beauty

Nature often times is such an inspiration. I love seeing the beauty that is there, both in grandeur and simplicity. Sitting and reflecting on nature, I see images like this and think to myself there just isn’t enough beauty in the world. I think about my own appearance and wonder should I be something in nature how would people see me? I know that I may not be a “cover girl” style image, so some shallow person may not come across it and say wow that is gorgeous, but those who appreciate real beauty would have to stop and take in the view or at least in my mind I hope that would be the case.

The world we live in today is so fast paced and focused on super models and looks and being skinny or perfect or just right. There is a pill or surgery for anything you could want, too fat, too skinny, butt too big, lips not big enough, well just take or go have this done and all your image issues can be solved quickly. We spend so much time on the outward parts that we want to appear beautiful that we don’t spend enough time building up the inside, what really counts.

I am not one of those “hot, beautiful girls”, I don’t turn heads on the street and most guys wouldn’t walk across a bar to buy me a drink. But you know what, I am kind, caring, understanding, loving, I am hurt and hurting and I have struggles and cry, meaning I am a real person with real feelings, just like all those “beautiful” people. I am real, honest and I am working on the inside to be the best person I can be. No I will never be a super model but I want to love me and just like this picture I have in my mind and see all around me of nature, many may carelessly pass by and ignore such images, but those who really care will stop and admire.

I want those who see past the basic beauty into what really makes it eye catching and beautiful, just like me, and stay and love me for those reasons, not because I am a size 2 or can fix my hair and makeup just right. I want to love myself as I want others to love me. I want to love myself how I want to allow myself to love others, just for being who they are and understanding that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes and all forms of beauty should be appreciated. Even if you don’t see the beauty you have inside and you get hung up on all of your flaws, remember there is someone out there who will love only you, so don’t change for anyone.


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