Dare to Dream (poem)

Every night you sit outside my window,
And you dare me to dream and feel,
Hope for me to see things in the morning sun,
That you know the darkness hides

The tears that are on my pillow,
Will one day dry up once and for all,
I know that this isn’t my forever,
That I hoped I would someday find.

The sleepless, dreamless slumber unhad,
I’m lost in this world of endless shadow,
That the world outside can’t recognize,
Or hope to save me from.

I’ve entered this place without reason,
I stay here because of my own choosing,
But this night I hear the wind calling me,
Awakening a soul that has been sleeping.

I’m not done yet here on Earth,
That is what the breeze has told,
And I take my new restful sleep,
Knowing I’ll wake up to a bright new dawn.


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