Writing to Find Home

I have always wanted to matter, to create something lasting. I know that I will not be told in the history books but in some way I want to leave my mark on the world. I want to leave a legacy of something more than just wasted hours behind a desk processing paper work aka my 9-5.

The only thing that I have ever felt like I truly knew how to do was write. It just came naturally to me. I started writing when I was very young. Mostly it started with journals but I had a love for TV and movies and soon began writing things of a similar nature. I wanted to create a world to escape into and that was all of the things that I dreamed in my mind but couldn’t manifest in real life.

When I was young, I wrote a rather childish about eight chapter children’s book about a dog named “Foxy”. She got lost from the farm she was staying on and each chapter was an animal she met who helped guide her home. Though my story has changed from all those years ago, I don’t think that my message has changed much at all.

In all of my writings and musings, I want to offer hope and others a way home, whatever that might mean to them. To me home, is finally being able to accept who I am and everything that has happened in my life and saying it is all ok. Home to me is a place of happiness and peace and though I have not quite found it yet, like Foxy, I am still looking for that place to belong and where all my dreams are achieved.


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