Like Me ( Flash Fiction)

(Ok this is sort of a silly. It’s a flash fiction piece I just wrote. No need to explain just hope you enjoy!)

A gift is what they call it, but that’s because they don’t see. This is no gift and if they had the ability then I am sure that they would agree.

Hiding in plain sight, who wouldn’t want to do that, you think about all the possibilities. Everyone has those days and times, when they just want to disappear. Well, I can do just that, but I wish it didn’t come so naturally.

It’s a lonely life and I think that most others would agree. We all want a friend to hear and stand beside us. Just someone to do the good things with or have some fun sometimes, but that is hard when you naturally camouflage yourself. Some of us were meant to wonder alone, is what I have come to assume.

Every day is a struggle just fighting to survive, darting place to place to avoid being trampled on. Most people scream or shoo me away if they notice I am around, you see sometimes my disguise isn’t good enough to keep me from completely being seen. I just wish I could stay one time and enjoy being noticed. I just want some kind attention rather than angry words.

I guess there are worst things than waiting for your lunch to fly by. I’ve been alone most of my life being disguised, just doing what comes naturally. Don’t let them tell you being invisible is all that great. Those people who don’t know what it’s like to be a lizard just like me when all you want is to be seen rather than blending in and disappearing.


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