Using What You Have…

I have never been that lucky to just be handed the things that I want, but there are those who are. I know and understand that you have to work for what you want and nothing in life comes easy. I have been working towards a goal or dream, just as many others I have had contact with are and I think that life often deceives us. I think at times we get so lost and caught up in our own minds that we forget what it is that we have and what we can do it. We may not be rich or have the entire world, but if we have something, we have a voice, a blog, a social site, then we have a platform to at least try.

Often we get discouraged and we feel like there is no use to the things that we do. I had a fellow blogger write about his publishing success in a comment and there are many who would think little of it and say well you only have one or two publications, that is nothing. Who are they to judge? If you have many publications, you are lucky and you might have skill but why tear or knock down another who is just trying to have their voice heard? I say that any time you get a new follower, comment, like or whatever then you are right there finding success.

I am not successful because of all the money I may or may not have, but I am successful because I have my voice and other people are listening to the things I have to say (ok maybe not listening but reading). We all have to find our way to our own version of success and sometimes we might feel or others might speak loudly saying that you aren’t successful, but we have to drowned out those negative voices. We have more chances at our finger tips than ever before. There are those who say that saturates the pool for those “real” writers/artists, but if you have a dream and goal then who is to say that you aren’t really what you aspire to be?

Sometimes we have to use our blog, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever platform to get our voices heard. Maybe after we get some notice we find further success, should that be what we are seeking, but maybe we just find the satisfaction in knowing that what we said had merit to someone enough to take the time out to read and reply. Maybe we should learn to appreciate what we have and what opportunities we have before us and stop worrying about what we don’t have. You have your skills and your talents, so what are you doing with them?


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