Loud Mouth or Striving for Change?

If people could only keep what they thought and what they felt to themselves, this would be a boring world right? I mean there are times that we all run into those “loud mouth” people and think the world would be better if they just shut up, but then wouldn’t it be a bit more boring too. I know that there are certain reporters, directors, documentations, and other public figures that I honestly don’t like and disagree with but sometimes they do create a stir or say things that need to be said and might not be said by anyone else.

I often find that I have a problem with those people that speak just to hear their own voices. I guess sometimes blogging can be like that too and people just write to see how much or what they can write with little or no thought to their audience. Art and writing is all subjective, I understand that, but if you are just writing and damn everyone else, why not just write in your own personal diary? “Dear diary… the world today made me so angry! I hate everyone, blah, blah, blah….” Personally, I say that if you don’t have anything constructive or worthwhile to say, why speak just to incite anger or rage? This world is filled with things that are hard and difficult or just plain messed up. Most people know or at least understand what all the issues are that we face on a daily basis, so why would it be helpful or beneficial for someone to come out just to say “hey this is still messed up” without offering anything else?

We are give freedoms living here and we have the freedom of speech, but speaking without knowledge or purpose isn’t what those freedoms should be used for. Maybe I am just speaking out of turn myself and there are those who will not agree with here, because we are free to do and say what we please, this again is just my opinion. I know there are things that need to be fixed in our country and our world, but saying we have terrible poverty, our health care is unaffordable and we are fighting just to live, is just facts of life. We all know that these things are issues, but if you aren’t going to offer a different look at these issues or try to provide a resolution, then why remind people of things that are still broken?

We all have our causes and we need to be able to speak out for those things that we want changed, but when we do speak out, speak out about the change that you want. Don’t say this is a problem, someone else come up with a way to solve it. I think that we are given a very unique ability here to speak our minds and we are free to seek what we want, but there are those who settle for being lazy. The people who say this is a problem and I don’t know how nor will I help come up with a solution for it, but hey it is still a problem and needs to be fixed.

I think that there is a time and place for things and that if you just want to be a loud mouth, the world doesn’t need another one. I think that we should strive to make the world better and to say I see this problem and here is what I think will help to solve it. Honestly, there are many who may come up with different ideas and they are ignored, but that is also the beauty of things such as this, you can’t get people to listen well then use whatever means you can to speak up. People won’t stop to hear you unless you speak and if you have something worth saying, don’t hide from saying it. We need more people that can make the world better standing up and talking, rather than more people standing up just to say this world is a mess. “Be the change you want to see in the world,” it has been said and I think that is how we all should strive to live.


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