Worth It

The hardest thing that we have to admit and struggle within ourselves often is the fear we carry. We fear being found out, being revealed as being weak or worse failing. What if we fail or make a mistake and it costs us everything, how do we handle that? In a world where success is all that seems to matter, how do we tell ourselves that trying and failing is sometimes a good thing too?

I know that none of us set out to fail, but what if we do? What if we try our best and we still can’t get where we want to be? Should we quit? Should we give up? Does one failure keep us from going for what we wanted to succeed? Can we fail and keep trying and finally succeed? Although I don’t have kids, when we are younger we are told that even if we make mistakes that we must keep going, so when do we lose that? I think that life is often like this post, we get more questions than we do answers.

Fear can be crippling and keep us from going after and chasing what we want. There are times that we get comfortable where we are and even though we want something more, something else, we fail to go after it because we are scared of what might be. We let our fear drive our desires, although we may not completely agree with that, in honestly that is exactly what we are doing. We can only be as successful as we allow ourselves to be and we can only risk what we think is worth it.

So is the future that you want worth risking and losing? Are you ready to do what it takes? I have been asked that before and it is very scary to give it all and to try, but what is the other choice. We fail when we forget that life is about living and we fail to live every chance that we get. Take every chance you get to go after what you want and don’t worry about what the outcome is, it could just give you another or better story to tell.


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