Going For It

We don’t get any guarantees in life right? There are those who some consider “privileged”, and well who are born into a lifestyle like that, and there are those who have it “easier” than others, and yes sometimes it seems unfair that they get what they want handed to them rather than working for it. Do we gain something by working for what we want rather than having it handed to us? I honestly don’t have my dreams just yet to be a published author living off my art, but I am in pursuit of that dream.

We live in a society and time where we want everything now. We want to be able to live the life that we want right now and if we can’t then we feel discouraged or we feel like there is no point. The point is to live our lives how we want. What I want may not be handed to me, but that just makes me work and strive that much harder to get where I want to be. We all get the road blocks in our way, but for instance, wanting to be a published author, what better area for ideas than to write about the struggles that come along with pursuing such a dream. We have to be able to use the life that we have to create the opportunities we need for the life that we want.

There are those that say that we only get one shot and in some cases that might be true, but for art I never think that is the case. I don’t think that we should ever shy away from a chance to get ourselves out there and go for our dreams, but we can’t put all our eggs in one basket so to speak either. When I first started this blog, I wanted to be a writer and now in only a matter of months, I am doing that. I am writing again doing movie reviews and entertainment articles as well as writing freelance when I can. I continue to write here and work on my novel, which of course is still my ultimate goal.

I think that life is about living and despite where we are in life we can never give up. Some days we have to be our own inspiration and we have to pursue the things that we want regardless of what could be the outcome. We don’t always get the chance to take the risk in life that we want and some yes sometimes we only get a few chances to pursue our dreams, so when you see those chances why risk it? Would you want to think back and say I could have done that and gotten where I wanted to be or say, even if you fail, I am glad that I tried because I will never get that chance again?


2 thoughts on “Going For It

  1. I agree with that last statement. It depends on what success is to you. I have had only two minor publication credits but consider myself somewhat successful as a writer. I have made zero dollars and care not if i ever do. I want to be published and read. That matters most to me. Maybe our goals differ but our sentiments coincide.

    • I couldn’t agree more, it’s all about what you think and feel success is for you. I am still struggling along just wanting to get my work read, so any reads I get, whether that turns into something more or not, really does mean success for me. I always love the responses I get from submissions, that hope that it could be accepted, it’s a rush I can’t explain. I have only had two writing publications accepted myself, but I feel very proud of those works.

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