Searching to Shine

(So it has been a while since I have written poetry of any kind. I have been more focused on articles, reviews, blogs, my novel, so there has left little room for other kinds of writing. This was what I came up with…I hope that you enjoy. It is just a little break from the normal.)

The bright sun shines for the world to see,
Where is it that beauty when your warmth disappears,
Have you forsaken us and left us to darkness,
Or will you again appear and illuminate things?

Life is a constant up and down battle,
The struggle of what could have been,
And what is yet there before you.

Are you a dreamer seeking the light,
Or are you a wanderer lost without sight,
Are you an achiever reaching for goals,
Or are you a failure with no hope in your soul?

Living your life in a constant fear state,
Leaves you with nothing to desire or obtain,
So cast it aside and seek through the pain,
Search for the sun who will find a way to shine again.


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