Mixing Reality and Hope: Can It be Done?

Poetry is another writing endeavor that I often pursue along with writing short stories and my novel. I have found that writing is the best way to express and release my emotions and poetry for me is the best form. I have been told about my writing that it is inspiring, uplifting and hopeful. I do write in a way that I try to create those feelings. I have felt criticized for writing in such a way, because it is happy and life often “isn’t happy”, but does that mean I write in a watered down way? Can you be happy and honest at the same time?

I have had this sort of discussion before with a few people. I find that even when I do attempt to write in an honest, harsh way in the end I still come back to the feelings of hopefulness. When I write, I think about my audience and my legacy. I want to have people read my words, relate to it and ultimately leave it feeling better. I want people to think about their lives and how they approach their situation and how it could be approached or looked at differently.

A poem I wrote towards the middle of last year called “Tomorrow” is a perfect example of how I view my style to be. It opens:

Can’t think,
Just be,
What part is me?

I feel so lost,
Head spinning,
Lost in time,
Space undefined.

This is a poem where I explore my feelings and emotions of being lost and confused. Who couldn’t relate to those kind of thoughts or emotions? Sometimes we all struggle in life for whatever reason and we have a hard time feeling like there is anything better. I honestly don’t think that we have to stay in those emotions though and even if I don’t see a happier future or ending in sight, I try to bring the reader to that kind of conclusion.

I need to see,
Life ahead,
Not a repeat,
Of what I left.

So whisper to me,
That it’s ok,
That tomorrow will be,
A better day.

Sometimes we aren’t able to see the good in the future and we fear it will only be a repeat of what was before, but it doesn’t have to be. I don’t think that it is dishonest to write about hope. To write in a way that encourages others to look towards the future, because we have no idea what it will bring. I find that being honest doesn’t have to mean being depressive, but we have to find a way to mix reality with hope. I strive to write in a way that combines them both.

Am I being naive to think that hope and reality can mix? What content do you pursue in your writing? Is hope a wasted theme or ideal? I think that no matter what you do, stay true to yourself and your feelings. All we can hope is that our words reach out to others and in some way connects with them. Be the voice that you would search for for yourself.


4 thoughts on “Mixing Reality and Hope: Can It be Done?

  1. Great article! I think being hopeful doesn’t take away from being real. I think you can be both. In my opinion, isn’t hope one of the many meanings of life? Example; hoping the find love, love and be loved. So I think you can realistic and still hope for a better today or a better tomorrow. Like I said at the beginning; Great article!

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