Clawing to Get Noticed…..

You can search on the web almost anything. You can find a vast amount of knowledge mixed with crazy and simply silly things. As a writer, we want to be able to reach an audience. We want to know what is out there and where we might fit. There are blogs, articles and links to places where you can get suggestions on marketing, media, publishing, everything you would ever need. If you move past the articles, you get into the comments. You see the debates and the negativity, the things that people say aren’t working or that are working. It is just a constant back and forth and at times it just gets a little heavy and depressing.

Pursuing a career in any creative field is often depressing and discouraging. Arts are subjective and people with either like them or not and there is really not much you can do about it. There are people who commented on self-publishing articles that talk about writing six or seven novels and never finding success. There are those who talk about writing and promoting and saying that blogs/social networking is a waste of time.

There is so much information out there that it could make your head spin! Knowledge is power, they say, but is it ever too much? I think that there does come a time when no matter what you are doing, you can over saturate yourself. Sometimes we just need to do what it is that we want and see where it takes us. We all want to succeed and we have to understand our markets, of course, but just like with a test we can be over prepared.

Sometimes we just need to step back, breathe and allow our drive to take over. Most people that succeed do so in many ways. You succeed because you have something good and something worth reading or seeing. There are those who are good that do fall through the cracks, but then it comes to promoting and marketing. If you have something, create a need for it. People have books and art, but make them need what it is you are writing or selling. Don’t allow yourself to get lost in the mix, do whatever it is you have to so that you can succeed.

Just like a lot of celebrities do to get noticed, you have to take a risk. Sometimes it seems like a little too much or that it is done in bad taste, but if people are talking that is the idea right? Bad publicity is better than no publicity. You can find success being known for doing awful, of course most of us don’t want that, but we simply must find the way that we thrust ourselves into the spotlight. What do you need to do to get noticed? Strive to succeed and put your best foot forward and then see where all of your hard work and dedication takes you. Go along the journey with others, we are all struggling to get by so let’s help each other.


13 thoughts on “Clawing to Get Noticed…..

  1. Too many writers stress out too much and take it all too personally. I look at a little like a dice roll. I have to face the fact that yes, skill and talent matter, but when I submit something the competition ranges in the thousands. And I realize that realistically and statistically, the chance that I will get a good and thorough read for my work is not all that great. I know that I could never read all of those manuscripts and be equally critical of each one. I doubt others can either.

    So I play the numbers. I have submitted my small set of short stories at least 100 times total. Two have been accepted by online publications. And I don’t take the 98 rejections personally (other than I do look at the works from time to time for revisions if necessary.)

    Roll with the flow, baby. Or you will tie your creativity up in knots.

    • I appreciate your reply and I couldn’t agree more. I have had tons of rejections, more than acceptance of my submissions, but I can’t let that get me down. It is nice to see that others share that thought. I think that it is important to research and know your market, but one can get too overwhelmed with it all.

      Just like what you said about not taking it personally, art is subjective. There will be those people who think your work is amazing and great, and want to publish it. On the other hand, there will be just as many, if not more, that think nothing of your work. All we can do is like you said it’s “a dice roll” (which I think you put it perfectly), so we just have to keep rolling until we find that winning roll. We can’t let ourselves get discouraged by rejection and lack of “success”, but it’s also smart that if you keep getting rejected to look over your work again.

      You never know what will happen and so you just have to keep creating. That is the most important message, no matter what happens just keep doing what you are doing. Thanks again for reading and replying.

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