All Aboard the Train to Nowhere??

I don’t know about any one else, but for me, I seem to get a restless kind of feeling from time to time. I am not sure why now, right now I feel such a way, but it has been driving me crazy. I don’t really feel unhappy, because are supposed to be happy where we are right? I guess I just feel like I am done. I have run my course and I need a new one. I am done with what I am doing and I have to find something else stimulating or challenging and chase that, because it feels like if I stay then I am going to go completely crazy.

I am too young to have a mid-life crisis right? Could that be what this is? Not even sure if an early mid-life crisis, is possible, but I guess anything is right? I have always had dreams, I guess like most, but often times too scared or unsure to really pursue them. I think now I am coming to a point in time where I see life ahead and a future that is unseen and written so I want to make it the best possible. In the next year or two, I don’t want to be in the same place, doing the same thing, it’s like I can’t be. I feel like if I stay where I am, doing what I am doing then I will be stuck forever. I am a mouse in a trap, a cat in a cage, struggling to find a way, a place and I need to find it or be trapped forever.

I guess we all need a little motivation and inspiration. I read a fellow blogger will be doing a nationwide and beyond tour and will be tracking it with his blog, what an idea?! I was hooked from the first moment I read it. I think it is a fantastic and life changing idea. It is the kind of thing that someone should do. I used to work with a guy that told me all about the stuff he used to do. He grew up in a less than happy home, went out on his own, go into some risky things, but ultimately ended up with some stories to tell. I know that he had a hard life and struggled, but he ended up with a life that would be worth putting on paper.

In my life, I have done things that almost anyone could say that they have done. We all live our lives how we see or think we should. There is nothing wrong with a normal, 9 to 5 life, for those people that can find meaning and happiness in it. For me, I don’t think that is the life I am meant or that I want to lead. I have been doing that for a while now and I already feel like I am being dragged down.

So all of you out there in the blogging world, what have you done? What risk have you taken to get where you are in life? If you are like me and you are wanting to take some, what are the risks you need to take? What are you willing to risk? What dreams are you working to achieve and see through? I would love to hear from you and encourage you as we all pursue the lives we want to lead. Good luck on all your travels, dreams and goals, let’s take this trip together!


2 thoughts on “All Aboard the Train to Nowhere??

  1. Inspiration?

    As far a writing, my inspiration has always come from observation. Mainly observation of attitudes. Many of my stories come from people I didn’t even know. For example, I saw some young, very well dressed junior execs in a coffee shop one time. Man, they KNEW they were well dressed. They had the watches and pens and all of the trappings. I wrote a story around them.

    What do I do? I pay attention and keep my eyes open.

    • Thank you for reading and replying. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I have always been a “people watcher” (as I say) myself and I think that is the perfect way to get inspired to write. I always keep a pen and paper handy should I become inspired and I am on the go.

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