Where Do I Get On??

Death sucks! Yeah I know what an opening line right. We all have to face it and deal with it throughout our lives. We not only have to deal with our own mortality but also that of those around us. I recently lost someone close to me and although I didn’t think it would affect me much, I was wrong. It is hard when you care and love someone to know that they are gone. Life is about living and doing, but death, that is just it, it’s death, it’s final.

There are many ways to deal with and approach death. For many religious believers, it is only the start of a new journey. Being a Christian, I know that my journey does not end here on this Earth, but what about those who do not believe? What are you living for, just to die? We all get one shot around, well most believe unless you believe in reincarnation, but that is another story. What and who are you living for? Are you just another mindless, wondering soul who has no direction or meaning? Where is it that you find that meaning or do you ever or do you even care?

When those around us die or even become ill, it often times has us reevaluate our own life. I am certainly not here to tell anyone how they should live their lives. I just know that I feel a certain way that I should live my own life. I can’t and won’t let a death defeat me, because I know that there is something so much better, but what about those who don’t believe as I do? All I can hope to do is live the life that I have been lead to live, share that with those around me and hope that they will live a life in similar fashion.

There is so much in life that we can’t control. We can’t control time or the passing of it. We can’t control where we go, most times. We can control our dreams and desires. We can control if we work hard for what we want. We can’t control if we are able to achieve what we want. We can’t control when we live and when we die. We can’t control how we die, well most times we can’t. We can control where we go in death. We have to give our lives to where we want to be when it is over. Do you want to live a life and at the end of it wish you had done it differently? What kind of a legacy is that? What are you leaving behind, here is my life, do it better? We can only live the lives that we feel we should and no one can make us live them another way. We can be encouraged and advised, but it is ultimately up to us as to what we do and do not follow.

So what kind of life are you leading? What are your thoughts? Share them with me and know that you are heard. Life is too short and uncertain. Get up and take a hold of what life you have now, because we never know what will happen tomorrow. Live for where you want to go when you die, because life doesn’t end when you die and you have to be ready.


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