Where Does It Come From?

What do you use to draw your inspiration from? I have posted about this before but I want to approach it in a different way. When you are writing, where do you get the inspiration for both your story and your characters? Do you draw from your person life or experiences and those around you or is it complete fiction? There are so many different options but what works best for you?

I know that for me when it comes to characters I draw from both personal and fictional inspiration. I think that we all as writers write in those around us or those that have impacted us. Can you create a completely fictional character and still get the audience to feel and fall in love with them? Isn’t that what writing is about to get people to feel for a fictional character as if they are real? We have to create a character that is universal and that people read and think I know someone just like that or I’m glad I don’t know someone like that.

When we write we aren’t writing for ourselves but those who will or we hope will read it. If you write something that you don’t care about how do you expect anyone else to care. There are many different ways to create emotions in people, make them angry, happy, sad, just feel something and you are already a step ahead. You have to draw people in and keep them there so that they get lost in what you are writing no matter if it is true or not. You have to make people care about you you are saying and who you are saying it about.

So what do you draw from when you write? Do you look around you for inspiration or just in your own mind? Can you do one without the other? Does it really matter as long as you have a story worth telling and characters that others can get behind? I say just let your words flow and allow the story to guide itself. I have find that I often change the story as I am writing because characters and plots develop from my writing that I didn’t foresee when I started. Let yourself take risk and be bold because it is sometimes hard to do that in reality so let yourself be a bold author.


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