I’ve Got Something to Say About This….

So here it is again that time of the week, the start of a new week and new segment, “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…”, this week is a little less controversial type stuff and more just a what the heck with Mother Nature. This is a continuation of my on going series just commenting on popular news stories or things that might catch my eye as I window surf, so to speak, online. Without further delay, below is this weeks article.

CNN: The Coldest Weather in Decades

Yes that is the headline when you first go onto CNN’s homepage. What a headline right! I must say that I have never lived where it is really cold or anything, so having it be so cold here, is well quite remarkable. I have missed the past couple years with it not getting as cold, but man this is something else. My only other wish is that it would snow, with all this cold, but that of course is because I am not in a place where it normally snows.

I have a friend who lives in NY and took a picture of the temperature and it was 9 degrees, 9 degrees!! She said that she would not be getting out in that weather and well I don’t blame her. Most parts of the nation, as stated in the article, have plummeting lows today and it is expected to stay around for a little while. I know that where I am, it is expected to be colder tomorrow than it is today and we are a place where we get heat more than half the year! It is quite a change, the only thing would have been if it had done this around Christmas, seems little more fitting.

Mother Nature has a way of biting back and to me, this is just how she does it. Reading through the article, we read that no one is safe. We see that the Midwest has horribly low temperatures and snow, South has deep freezes and of course this makes everywhere just horrible. The main problem with weather such as this is the fear of deaths. What about those who cannot take shelter from such weather, what are they to do? Deaths across the country have already been reported and with the dangerous cold, I am sure that there will be others to report as well, sadly.

Basically, this is some crazy weather and one needs to be safe when they are traveling or moving around in such extremes. In the Midwest and North, be sure to avoid the snow and ice. The South be sure to avoid ice as well, if nothing else simply on the road. All need to be sure that they stay safe and warm until Mother Nature has decided to warm herself back up. I say this is craziness to have such cold weather at the start of the year, what a way to ring in the New Year right?! I guess it keeps us on our toes and hoping for some Spring and Summer like weather soon. Just hold out and it will be here before you know it.

Again if you have something to say, please leave a comment below or send me an email. If you would like to share some weather stories or pictures, please leave a comment below or pingback so we can see how Mother Nature is treating your area. You have something you would like to discuss or a story you want to say something about, let me know and I will glad to feature you. Until next week, stay warm and keep an eye out for news worthy news.


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