Already a Week..Almost!

Where does time go?! I can’t believe that we are already almost a week into to the new year. I still feel very unprepared and a bit like a child, in the sense that I am not ready. I have this kicking and screaming feeling, like I am being dragged kicking and screaming into the new year even though I am still not ready, but that is how life is right? No matter what, life goes on, paraphrasing what Robert Frost said.

This post feels more of a ramble than a real focused, well thought out post, but regardless we all need those from time to time right? I guess for me, I have this drive and determination to succeed, or at least I want to, yet I have this uneasiness about it all. I just want it now I guess. We all want that though, our chance for success, real success. That illusive “American Dream” right?! I just read about how others are doing things and honestly I feel a tad bit jealous of it all…I guess I am at that point that I am ready to do something else and I can’t seem to find peace unless or until I do it.

I have always felt or thought that I was the kind of person that would be unhappy at a normal 9 to 5 or desk job and boy have I proven myself right. I find that I get very little satisfaction from my work and feel incomplete. I just want to know what I do is making a difference or that it matters in some way. I want to enjoy what I am doing and seeing that it is making some kind of a difference. I have never been the make waves kind of person, but I am ready to jump up and get noticed.

I want to shout out and say this is who I am and want I want. I want this year to be something to remember, but fear that it will just be another year of the same. I can’t stand being this way, living this way. I want to go out and make a life that is fit to be told and have stories that need to be shared. How can you write about life if you have never experienced it? I can’t say that I am the risk it all kind, but for some reason there is something in me that is begging for it. Just saying go and chase your dreams and see where it takes you. We can dream all we want, but until we chase them and achieve them then we have nothing but words.

I am ready for a change, what about you? What are you doing to make your life better? What is exciting? Share with me, I would love to hear back from you. I want to experience all that life has to offer and in the best way. Let the world take notice of us and see that we are here and we matter because we have a voice to share what we care about. Express yourself and chase your dreams!


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