Appreciating Now

We all grow up sometime and depending on where we are in our lives different things carry more weight. Growing up I never worried about money or bills, I was a kid and I didn’t have the responsibility. As a teen I began to work and care about grades and life. I continued to grow and my career took over meaning all the responsibilities of life kicked in. I think about it now and it’s funny how little we appreciate things.

I think that no matter what stage in life you are enjoy it. We can’t go backwards in time so we better make the most of each day. It’s hard to be happy where you are when you have big dreams and hopes, but it’s about the journey right?

We must never lose focus on what we want but we must never let that keep us from celebrating where we are. I can never get my time now back. I wish when I was younger that I had realized I should enjoy the present. I was always thinking I can’t wait until I get to drive, get my own place, or get a real job, when I should have been grateful to be where I was.

I think as humans we are programmed like that. We focus too much on what we want and where we want to be, rather than seeing what we have in the present. So as we start a new year remember to focus on now. Enjoy where you are in life, even if that means living paycheck to paycheck, because it’s all character building. These are stories to write about later or experiences your future characters can have that you lived. Live your life and let the future figure itself out because we aren’t guaranteed anything, so make today count and be the best possible.


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