Happy New Year: Resolutions

So that time is finally upon us. Happy New Year to all my followers out there and those who may stumble upon this blog! I hope that everyone had a good new year and they are ready to face the coming year with anticipation and excitement. I enjoyed a quiet evening and hope to have a relaxing day as I prepare to get ready to achieve all the goals/resolutions I plan on making.

I have been thinking about my resolutions for a while now and I have posted quite a bit about what I plan on doing this coming year. Here will be my complete list of what my resolutions are. I am counting on those who follow me on here and Twitter (@BC_Author) to help make sure that I stick to achieving them. Please comment below or link back to this blog what your resolutions are and I will do my best to help those who make resolutions to keep them too. We must check in with each other and keep us honest with achieving our goals because what is the point of making them and not achieving them?

When making resolutions remember to be realistic. Make resolutions that you will keep and that you can stick with not just for a month but for the entire year. Another thing that would be helpful is to have a buddy, at least one, that will keep you in line. We must be our own best friend and make sure that we are making resolutions that we will hold ourselves to keep.

So my resolutions:
1. By June finish my first novel, False Justice. By March complete 80-85 pages.
2. Compile my poetry book and publish it as an ebook.
3. Begin to walk at least three times a week, to start out.
4. Write at least one article a month for new writing site blogmutt.com
5. Work on my blog and Twitter sites and continue to build my followers

So those are my five for this year and if you are making some please let us know. I hope to check in from time to time and let you know how it goes and by March I will have a check in. Now be sure to celebrate your new year’s day and stick with those resolutions. Be safe and enjoy time with your friends and family.


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