The Cameo

There are certain directors/writers that make cameos in their films like Stephan King, Peter Jackson and Quentin Tarantino, just to name few. These are the ones you can normally spot or count on to appear somewhere on screen. Also certain lower budget films might use this to get a brief appearance by someone. The film or the actor, or both might benefit from the appearance. So what is the appeal of the cameo? Shouldn’t they just stay behind screen is this just a trick or ploy?

I have often thought its too bad that writers couldn’t make cameos in their books. How would one pull that off? It would have to be a pretty self aware book or after writing the author could say well this character is me, but where is the fun in that?

Movies get to have all the fun! These people get to drop in, audiences get the joy if hunting and everyone is happy. I enjoyed tying to find Peter Jackson in the latest Hobbit movie. He was so close to the beginning that I almost missed him. It’s fun to see these things and we often come to expect them.

In the end, as a writer we dream of our book making to the big screen and maybe if that happens we will get the chance to make a cameo of our own. People can say oh yeah she is always somewhere. (In my case it would be she.) Cameos are just something fun in the mix of all the hard work. Whether it is TV, movie or books, it all takes hard work and dedication so why not get a cameo of your own if you can? Would you do it if you could? Let me know.


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