Making Goals and Achieving Them

Let’s ring in the new year! It’s so close that I can almost taste it. I face the coming year both with excitement and trepidation. Another year has passed and am I where I want to be? Am I going to the place that I want to go? Is the past a predictor of what is to come or is it simply something to look back on and think I was there and learned from that.

The past year has been quite a mix. I, like most, have said good bye and hello to many people and places. I got to go to NY finally and see a Broadway show. I got to celebrate with a friend who graduated from an Ivy League school. I moved to a new place both personally and professionally. I was recently promoted at work. I started writing for and just had my first review posted on TV Eskimo. I decided to pursue my writing again full swing. So in review my year has been a mix of both highs and lows, which sounds just about right.

This year is about to start and I’m ready. I have working out the numbers for how I want my novel to proceed and where I need to be so I can be done by June. This year I have no doubt there will be the same mix of up and down but I’m hoping to be more active in making sure the ups are higher than the lows. All we can do is try and set the goals that we want to achieve and if we don’t then we only have ourselves to blame.

I say bring on the new year and resolutions. I’m making a few this year and by the end I plan on achieving most if not all of them. Every year people tell themselves they will do great things yet fall short. I say that we need to start strong, create realistic goals and find a way to get where we want to be in the time we are given. If you are making resolutions this year share them with me. Leave me a comment and be sure to check back tomorrow I will be posting my list of goals for next year. Let’s help each other achieve our dreams this next year.


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