I’ve Got Something to Say About This…Week Three

There has been a lot of entertainment news lately and mostly it has been centered around “Duck Dynasty” and a quote from one of the stars of the show. I was going to give in and share my two cents but I decided against it. I feel it has been very overdone in the news. My previous weeks can be found under the I’ve got something to say about this tab and below is week three. It’s still entertainment centered this week just not quite overdone as some other news.

This is week three of my new series and I’ve got a new article to form an opinion EW: Most Pirated Show. Although a short article quite a bit can be said about the content.

Apparently for a second year in a row, “Game of Thrones” was the most pirated show. I personally have never seen the show nor read the books so I can’t say if it does or goes not deserve such a title, but really is that a title a show wants?

Basically this title is saying this is the show that most people love to steal. Of course this is saying that people are taking about the show enough to get others interested. People are watching this show and watching it enough to make others want to see it, even if it is stealing how they are watching it.

Of course pirating a TV show is illegal and companies don’t want there shows to be pirated, or do they? I have no doubt that this show has enough fans to keep it going and then people who can’t or aren’t watching find a way to watch it. In a way, hopefully these people that pirate these shows will either sign up for cable eventually or buy it on DVD or Bluray, so even if its illegal now then maybe in the future they might pay for it.

I am not one that likes pirating and I haven’t watched shows in this way, but again maybe if I did then I’d buy it. So if you watch a pirated show then the least you could do is purchase something from the show you are watching. I think it is wrong and it’s sad that people feel the need to steal things that they want rather than to purchase it.

People work long and hard to create these shows and spend millions, yet people steal this hard work. Imagine if people did the same with what you worked hard to create, how would you feel? Often we think the studios paid them enough so we don’t need to worry about it, but just like with this list people are watching what is downloaded.

Are you a part of this list? Are you one that watched this or other shows on the list? Do you think it’s wrong? Please share your thoughts with me below in the comments or by email. I always love to hear thoughts and comments. Be sure to check out my pervious weeks as well.


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