So You Have an Opinion???

This may sound like a stupid almost naive question, but where do the opinions that you have come from? Do you simply think, act and do things because of what others around you do, what you have been taught or is it because you gained your own knowledge on the topics? I recently began adding opinion pieces to my blog site and sometimes these opinions are just opinions about someone else’s opinion, but they are still my opinion about the topics. Where do we get our opinions from and over time do they change and if they do, how so?

There are some opinions that I have that I did carry over from my childhood and they are shaped both on how I was raised, where I was raised and who raised me. I grew up in the south, still live there, and there are things that I think and do that are strictly because of that. In psychology, there is the nature vs. nurture argument which questions what is it that affects us more where we grew up or who is around us as we grow up (to put it in very simple terms).

Looking at this in relation to our opinions, one could question are our opinions shaped more on where we grow up, such as the south or based on who we hang around? I think that there is no answer that is ever so black and white when it comes to human behavior. For instances, one thing that is still discussed in a lot of southern states as well as with older generations is the issue of racism. So if a person grows up both in a racist family and in an area that seems to promote racism, are they more likely to be racist? I think that if a person is lazy and live in such an environment then they do run the risk of becoming a racist, but if they let knowledge guide their opinions then they more than likely will not turn out to be racist. Does that mean that they will stand up against those who are around them that are racist? Maybe or maybe not, but if we are wise and use our own brains to form our opinions, taking into account both the environment and people around us, then we can make the best choice for ourselves and our opinions.

I think that one important thing that has to be remembered is that we have to take into account the age of the person we are thinking of. There are those who are a certain age and we just accept that they are going to think the way that they do, also children and young adults may often adopt the easiest opinion or share that of their parents simply because they don’t yet have to knowledge to contradict the way of thinking. There are times that we must remove ourselves from a place or from certain people because of differences. We have to be who we are and shape our own lives and opinions. Often times after we have moved away or out of the house, we come to find out a discover what our true opinions are. For the first time, our views are actually tested. We will face other people who may have a different background from us and so we must learn to either adapt our way of thinking to them or try to challenge their way of thinking. We will find out what we truly believe and what we just carried with us simply because of where and who raised us.

Opinions are our own, or at the very least, they should be. If you aren’t sure where your opinions have or do come from, maybe you should take a moment and reflect. Are your opinions your own and based on your own knowledge and experiences or are they simply passed down or carried with you from where you came from? We should strive to have our opinions be from our own knowledge and wisdom that we gain as we live our lives. No opinion that is blindly held and passed on is really worth having, let alone passing on, because with that opinion you could be passing on ignorance. Be sure that what you say is truly what you believe and if you don’t have an opinion of your own, you should work on educating yourself so that you can form some of your own.


3 thoughts on “So You Have an Opinion???

  1. Some good points there, BC! I particularly like your final phrase “if you don’t have an opinion of your own, you should work on educating yourself so that you can form some of your own”. We should all aim to reduce our ignorance and keep learning; and stay open-minded rather than blindly sticking to a view.

    This is actually a subject I’m very interested in and 2 of my own blog posts deal with this:

    – “Nineteen Eighty Four” by George Orwell
    – “A Sparrow Falls…….” (this latter one deals with the issues of opinions mostly towards the end)

    I hope you find them interesting – I’d welcome any comments and indeed, your opinions on my opinions about opinions!
    Regards, Will

    • Hello Will. I appreciate you reading and replying. I do think it’s important to educate yourself and voice only the opinions that you truly have rather than just saying or resaying what others have said without original thought.

      I will definitely check your blog out. I love “1984” and I look forward to reading it. When I’m able I will definitely read and comment. Thanks again. Check out my weekly “I’ve Got Something to Say About This…” posts which is my weekly opinion piece, if you get a chance or you would like to contribute.

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