Social Networking: The Benefits

I recently started a Twitter account, found at the bottom of the page or at handle @BC_Author, where I have enjoyed the connections I have made there. I have a previous post about social networks called Social Networking: Disconnected Connections, where I talked these sites affect on society. I have not participated in them for many years but now I am back into all that can be benefited from them. This post is more of a different look from the last post where I talk about the benefits of these sites.

As an artist, one of the main benefits is connecting. Over the past few days I have made multiple connections for authors, bloggers, jobs and various other interest. There is no other way in that short of time that I could ever hope to make connections like that without social networking. Even though I may never know any of these people now I can learn from them or network with them. I have followed companies that offer writing job postings and other authors who have similar aspirations to mine. I can get tips and tricks from people who have been there or who are like me and they currently there. Social networking brings people together and allows you to promote yourself and your product.

Social networking provides you opportunities that did not exist before there creation. Writers used to be stuck waiting for that acceptance or rejection from a publishing company. Today we no longer need to wait and we can self publish, we can use our social networking connections to build our audience. Often times as you are working on a product you can pre promote and build interest so by the time your product is ready to sell you already have a few sells under your belt. Social networking allows promotion to be an on going action rather than a waiting until you have the product and hoping that you can sell it. I wouldn’t say that you should go out and promote something that you don’t plan to finish for another ten years of course because people will get tired of waiting, but it’s like everything else with networking you just have a strategy.

Social networking has opened up a new world especially for artist. We have a way of connecting with each other like never before and also we can get our work out there to a wider audience we have sine connection with. Like anything we must have an understanding if what we want out of it and have a plan on how to get that. Connecting across the globe and with those who can help better our writing and skills is one of the main benefits that we would never be able to have without these sites. I wouldn’t say that I believe that they are the best things in the world, but with the right reasons and with moderation, any thing is good. Everything is good in small doses right?


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